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Powder Manufacturing Technology

Powder manufacturing technology is an innovative production system, initially developed for aerospace applications and for the construction of prototypes. This system allows for complex structures to be produced directly from metal powders without employing any physical tools.

Adler Ortho was the first company worldwide to use this technology for orthopaedic device manufacturing, successfully converting the powder manufacturing process from a prototype system to a powerful means to produce premium, innovative implants. 

The Advantages

Powder Technology allows production of very complicated monolithic three-dimensional metal structures, otherwise impossible to make.

It is therefore possible to build not only very complex monolithic custom devices, but also standard implants with 3D extremely rough monoblock surfaces, that are ideal to maximize prosthesis primary stability and promote osseointegration.




The Powder Manufacturing Leader

Since 2007, Adler Ortho® has progressively employed powder manufacturing technology to the production of hip, knee, and custom implants, and all associated instrumentation.

The entire production process is monitored by the latest generation of numerical control machinery and 3D printers. This system minimises the possibility of human error and guarantees a high level of flexibility in the production process. Adler Ortho is committed to responding promptly to the demands of the market, while still achieving exceptional quality levels. 

Today, we offer Orthopaedic surgeons a comprehensive portfolio in the world of products manufactured by Adler Ortho® powder technology.

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