Acetabular Cup

Main Features

The Fixa Ti-Por® cup system, first implanted in Australia in 2011, is a cementless acetabular component designed for use in total hip arthroplasty.

Made from titanium alloy and produced entirely through powder technology, Fixa Ti-Por® features an extremely rough, three-dimensional monolithic surface, designed to promote bone-ingrowth and maximise primary stability. 

Size Range: Available in 12 sizes, ranging from 42 to 64 with 2mm increments.

Liner Options: Adler Ortho® Cross-linked Polyethylene inserts are available in both a neutral and 15⁰ hooded design, and are compatible with head sizes 28, 32 and 36mm. Delta Ceramic inserts are also available, compatible with head sizes 32 36 & 40mm.

The Ti-Por® Surface

Fixa Ti-Por® was the first acetabular cup system to be manufactured using powder technology, making Adler Ortho® the leaders within this development space. 

Ti-Por® is characterised as a three-dimensional, monolithic structure with a highly porous surface which cannot be detached from its own substrate.

The surface is made up of 0.4 mm micro spikes, promoting bone-ingrowth for increased stability and longevity of the implant, even in the presence of low-quality bone. 

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