Acetabular Cup

Main Features

Agilis Ti-Por® cup, first implanted in Australia in 2017, is a cementless monoblock acetabular component designed for use in total hip arthroplasty. 

Agilis features a pre-assembled Ti-Por® cup and ceramic liner, designed specifically to allow for a larger femoral head inside a smaller cup to reduce risk of dislocation. 

Size Range: Available in 12 sizes, ranging from 42 to 66 with 2mm increments.

Liner vs Head Options: Size 42 Cups can be fitted with 32mm heads, while the 48 mm heads are available from size 58.

Key Benefits

Made directly from powders of titanium, Agilis® is designed to articulate with ceramic heads of large diameter, allowing for larger range of motion while minimising the risk of dislocation.

✓ Larger Range of Head Sizes
✓ Minimal Bone Sacrifice
✓ Maximises Primary Stability
✓ Minimal Wear of Articular Surfaces
✓ Maximises Range of Motion
✓ Eliminates risk of malalignment of ceramic insert & subsequent insert fractures



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