Proximal Femur System

We are excited to officially launch the Pantheon PFR system to the Australian oncology market.

A significant failure mechanism associated with endoprosthetic replacements is aseptic loosening, which is associated with a lack of bony integration at the implant-bone interface.

Pantheon PFR has been designed to help fight this key reason for revision by integrating the recent advances in porous metal technology to develop the world’s first fully porous endosteal collar to encourage bony integration and increase overall stability.

Pantheon focuses on bringing fixation, function and freedom to the world of oncology, with a unique range of implant features to enhance both surgeon experience and patient outcomes.




The Collar

Not all collars are created equal…

Featuring a unique collar & endosteal sleeve system, that gives immediate primary press-fit & rotational stability. The endosteal sleeve portion of the collar is designed to create a joint space-sealing effect and mechanical centering of the implant in the medullary canal.

Recent advances in porous metal technology have enabled Adler to develop a world-first fully porous titanium collar to encourage bony integration with a unique fully porous endosteal collar.

Three-dimensional porous collars have been shown to increase the bony in-growth compared to existing on-lay HA collar designs. The combination of a porous collar and endosteal sleeve applied to EPRs, allows for an immediate press-fit into the bone, improving the bony in-growth and reducing the likelihood of aseptic loosening. (Mumith A et al. Bone Joint J 2017 February 01;99- B(2):276-82)

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